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Welcome to Julia's Southern Foods, LLC, a small family business where we manufacturer southern foods and snacks. We taste test all of our products to insure they have the same southern flavor that we grew up with. In addition where possible we seek out ingredients made in the USA, are non GMO, and contain no preservatives. Actually we like to think of it as Julia's Southern Pantry, filled with many delicious Southern mixes, snacks, rubs and sauces. If you want to purchased retail, we offer our store site (shop.juliaspantry.com ) where we have over a hundred great tasting products. Our products are categorized under several brands:

Chef Piggy Tail Microwave Pork Rinds: This is a product we have a lot of fun with and microwave pork rinds or pork skins is our best seller. It might just surprise you that microwaveable pork rinds have crossed over to be considered as a healthier snack alternative. The facts are that microwavable pork rinds have a nutrition profile that make them a low carb, high protein snack with a higher fullness factor than most other snack foods.
Our spices add a wonderful complement to pork and we offer a range of spices all the way from plain to ghost pepper hot on our pork rind and pork skin snacks. One challenge that we face is that most folks think of pork rinds as the traditional fried pork rinds found in a convenience or grocery store. The unhealthy attributes of traditional pork rinds result from the fact that they are puffed in fat and are often include MSG in their seasoning. Once cooked a microwave pork rind has a shelf life of 3 months and with the distribution channel you often purchase traditional microwave pork rinds after 1/3 of their shelf life is gone. Microwaveable pork rinds have a shelf life of 9 months and require no refrigeration. Since you cook them in the microwave, you consume the product when it is fresh and at its peak of flavor. My favorite way to eat them is to cook the pain microwave pork rinds and add a few drops of my favorite hot sauce as I eat them.  Our microwave pork rinds contain no chemical preservatives nor do we use MSG in any of our seasoning.

Carolina Gold Nuggets Pork Rinds: This is a product brand we have reserved for introducing innovations in microwave pork rinds or pork skins products. Our latest product is our 100 calorie snack packs to assist people who want to limit their portions. In addition we offer our bulk pork rinds under this brand and offer 1, 2.5 and 5 pound packages. Based on results in our test kitchen, these are perfect for baking as well and only take a few minutes more than cooking in the microwave. Watch this brand for new products we will introduce in 2Q 2013. We are the largest producer of consumer packaged microwave pork rinds in North Carolina.

Julia's Southern Mixes: Nothing is more southern than fried green tomatoes, hushpupppies, cornbread, biscuits, pancakes and cobbler. We offer a variety of complete mixes. What we mean by complete mixes is that we strive to offer a mix that only requires water or milk prior to cooking. Cooking and eating is one of the oldest social activities for a family and we encourage you to involve your children or grandchildren in the preparation of these products. Our mixes contain no preservatives, we use non GMO grains, and we strive to use made in the USA ingredients where possible. An example of the quality of our ingredients are the sweet cream buttermilk powder and the real churned butter powder which is produced in Kentucky. Our products are hand mixed and hand packaged, not the most efficient in an age of automation and moving operations off shore. Our work family includes students, retired and handicapped folks who enjoy utilizing their strengths and complimenting each other's skills.

Julia's Sassy Dips: Our dips are one of our most versatile products and once you try them we know you will come back for more. Our dips are sweet and sassy and are offered in a variety of flavors. Our customers who have discovered the flexibility of these dips are always offering new recipes well beyond what we originally imagined. We share many of these recipes on a brochure we ship with the product or on our recipe page on this web site. If your are looking for a series of dips for your next party, spice it up with Julia's Sassy Dip Mixes.

Julia's Southern Magnolia Gluten Free Mixes:
We decided to make sure our gluten free products we not confused with Julia's Southern Mixes so we launched this brand. Our gluten free mixes combine a rich southern taste in a variety of cobblers, pancakes, cookies for our gluten intolerant customers. We tested a number of gluten free products and decided to make our own flour blend to achieve the taste and texture we know our customers expected. Buy one our complete gluten free mixes and find out for yourself. Our gluten free products make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Wild Boar Rubs:
Seasonings and Sauces with an attitude. While they complement pork, they add flavor to any meat, seafood or vegetable dish. For those customers who want to experience the wild boar bite, we offer Sassy Red Pepper, Jalapeno, Habanero and Ghost Pepper (the hottest pepper we could find). Our featured recipe is to rub our product on a pork loin, cook on the rotisserie for 55 minutes at about 350F, cool and slice. You will notice that it will have a dark crust but don't be alarmed it is the rub caramelizing on the meat and adding a wonderful rich flavor.

One of the most innovative products is our Wild Boar line is our Sauce/Marmalade in a Bag. You just add any flavor of vinegar and make your own Eastern North Carolina style Barbecue sauce or delicious marmalade that tenderizes and flavors your meat prior to cooking. It is an environmentally friendly product since we do not have to ship the vinegar and the glass bottle. It is flexible in that you can change the character of the sauce/marmalade by using different vinegars such as apple cider, balsamic or red wine. In Eastern North Carolina we use this BBQ spice mix with apple cider vinegar  for an authentic "pig pick'in". The pork is cooked over night on hickory coals and then chopped or sliced. The final step is to liberally pour the eastern North Carolina BBQ sauce over the chopped pork and then make a delicious pulled pork BBQ sandwich topped with coleslaw. 

Wholesalers and Distributors:
We believe in buying local. If you would like to purchase our products at a store near you, please contact them and tell them about our products. Use our contact page and provide us information on how to call or email your contact and we will send you a free gift. If you own a retail store or distribute to gift shops and independent grocery stores, please call us for a price list and samples. You can view some of our wholesale prices on this site and we will be happy to send you a complete list if requested. In addition if you are a new wholesale customer we will ship your first order with no shipping charge if you indicate you found us on this site.

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Thank you for the hard work and dedication that made these results possible. You provide an exceptional shopping experience for customers on Amazon.

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