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 But I just found what I think are the best microwave pork rinds you could find anywhere!!!

 Julia's Pantry Yellow Grits - Southern Style
"I've never been an expert at cooking grits - whenever I've made white grits in the past, they always turned out "runny". I started on Weight Watchers "core" program in November and needed to find whole grain foods to eat. I came across these yellow grits while I was shopping online. I followed the directions and was surprised to find that my grits weren't runny, they were thick and creamy. Oh my gosh! Even my husband (originally from New York) really liked them. In fact, whenever we have eaten breakfast out at a restaurant serving the traditional white grits, my husband says that he likes the yellow grits better. I definitely recommend these to anyone - even folks who have never tried grits or who thought they didn't like grits. They are even organic. The best! Looking for a larger bag to have on hand. I know I've got it bad when I start "craving" these grits. Definitely worth trying."

   "These are very creamy, great tasting grits. Taste even better than locally ground corn grits. The only drawback is the fact that it is such a small package."


I love to cook and make new things so of course I was excited when asked to review some items from Julia’s Pantry.

Prior to this review I have never heard of Julia’s Pantry so I was not really sure of the quality or types of items I would be getting to review. I received a huge box of goodies, all high quality mixes!

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